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Palm Beach Coachworks has been a leader in the body shop industry for over 35 years, we provide premium auto body repair services designed to restore the look and integrity of your vehicle. Our auto body repair technicians are all ASE and I-Car Platinum certified, which ensures that you get effective auto body repair results every time, guaranteed.

If your automobile has recently been damaged in the Royal Palm Beach, FL area, our team of dedicated experts can help you. Regardless of how severe or minor your auto body damage is, we’ll be able to effectively repair the affected areas. We have experience working on high-end, vintage, foreign, and exotic vehicles so you’ll always be able to get the assistance you need.

Aside from damage from weather alone, external conditions such as harsh weather or have rain can affect your vehicle’s body also. Our auto body frame specialist will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s frame, once any issues are identified we’ll be able to restore its structural integrity so that your vehicle performs at maximum capacity.

Our auto body repair services are carried out by using advanced tools such as KAR Grabber frame machines, Ultraviolet Curing technologies, and heat lamps. If your vehicle has incurred some major damage, you can rely on us to source verified OEM replacement parts that will enhance your vehicle’s performance.

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To receive your free quote, visit our site and fill out the “instant quote” form located at the top of the page. If you’re in the Royal Palm Beach, FL area and need help fixing body damage to your vehicle, we are the most trusted auto body shop in the area so give us a call!

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We also provide reliable auto body paint services that care carried out by certified I-CAR Platinum certified painters. We’ll be able to repair small scuffs and scratches and can even give your vehicle an entirely new look if interested. Our services can be used in combination with a wide range of different insurance providers, to help you offset any damage cost associated with your accident. For any auto body near me in Royal Palm Beach searches, the pros at Palm Beach Coachworks are your go to solution.

All of our services are backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee, so you’re always protected in any situation. No matter how severe your auto body damage is, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to restore your vehicle to mint condition.

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