Auto Body Shop vs Dealerships

When it comes to repairing your automobile once an accident happens you have a lot of options available. Independent auto body repair shops and dealerships are abundantly available all around the country which can make it difficult to decide on which one is best for you. There are some key differences between the service that independent auto body repair shops offer in comparison with dealerships. The main differences between these two service options are price and work quality.

Difference Between Auto Body Repair Shop & Car Dealerships

Many independent auto body repair shops use the same methods as car dealerships to appraise the repair cost. The difference is that independent technicians are paid based on an hourly rate. They receive the hourly rate of the independent shop based on their salary. This means that they get paid for all hours of labor involved with the repair. As a result of this major difference, a top rated auto body shop is your best solution!

Upside To Dealership Technicians

Dealership technicians on the other hand receive a pro-rated amount for repair jobs which doesn’t depend on the hours of work involved. This means that if a dealership technician takes 4 hours to complete a 1-hour job they only receive pay for 1 hour. There is an upside to this for you as the customer being that you’ll only have to pay for labors hours which you’ve agreed on.

Risky Decision

The problem comes in when technicians are in a rush to meet their labor time quotas. This can lead to poor repair work and incomplete jobs. The decision is up to you at the end of the day, all dealerships and independent repair shops operate differently. You may find a good dealership who can do the work for cheaper than an independent shop and vice versa.

If you want to compare service standards between different shops, then go online and do some research. You’ll be able to find the best method for repairing your automobile damage and save money while doing it. For a trusted auto body repair shop in West Palm Beach, contact Palm Beach Coachworks today!

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