City Place West Palm Beach

City Place is an exquisite entertainment, dining, and shopping center located in West Palm Beach, FL which has a lot of personality. The center hosts plenty of great stores, boutiques, spas, and more. This is the perfect place to spoil yourself on a gorgeous day out on the town, the stunning décor and contrast of design concepts makes City Place awe-inspiring. You can buy almost anything at City Place, they offer a wide selection of store options including: sunglass hut, H&M, Bath&Body Works, Sephora, and more. The fun doesn’t just end at shopping however, there are tons of great restaurants and pastries shops for you to enjoy as well.

Sloan’s is an ice cream shop that specializes in delectable frozen treats that are customized any way that you like them. Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is an amazing barbeque restaurant that offers menu options such as juicy rib racks and top of the line steak. Burger and Beer Joint at Revolutions is a fantastic burger spot that has some funky menu options sure to satisfy your every taste bud.

City Place is also home to AMC CityPlace 20 theaters which plays the latest Hollywood blockbusters for your viewing pleasure. City Place hosts regular events such as live music festivals, wellness retreats, money workshops, art tours, and more. City Place is a wonderful expression of art, the corporate sector of the facility participates in lots of art-driven events around the city to promote a better community.

City Place has it all, from great bars and restaurants to movie theaters and finance workshops there is truly no end to what you can experience on a visit here. If you’re interested in visiting City Place visit their website to learn more about store hours and workshop details. You’ll find something new at City Place every time you visit!

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