Clematis Street & Downtown West Palm Beach.

Clematis street located in West Palm Beach, FL is a vibrant entertainment strip with lots to offer. Clematis street holds much history in the city West Palm Beach, there are lots of cool landmarks and antique shops for you to visit. One of the most attractive features about Clematis street is that every Thursday from 6-9pm the center hosts Clematis By Night. This weekly event caters to a fine palette of live music and delectable dining options.

Clematis street isn’t the only active area in town, Downtown West Palm Beach is an exotic and tropical locale which boasts tons of character. Downtown West Palm Beach offers fun activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, shopping, amusement parks, animal expeditions and much more. This is a great place to take your entire family for a day of fun together. If you get hungry after participating in all those activities there’s no need to worry.

Downtown West Palm Beach offers a variety of different cuisine options for you and the entire family to enjoy. Downtown West Palm Beach also has cruise options available, the most popular one is a 2-night Bahama cruise from the port of palm beach. If you want to experience a more relaxing environment, then Clematis street has you covered.

The street is filled with luxurious boutiques, nightclubs, restaurants and more. Enjoy walking around and taking in all the beautiful scenery and architecture. There are so many things to do between the Clematis street & Downtown West Palm Beach, you won’t waste a minute being bored at either of these locations.

If you would like to visit Clematis street or Downtown West Palm Beach to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, go online in order to get more information about business times and activity prices.

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